About the FCI System

About the FCI system

The FCI System provides competency assessments and learning resources designed to improve the level of financial competency for individuals and organisations.

It is a simple, easy to use, web based system with flexible components which can be used for learning and development. It includes:

  • Competency assessments which uniquely assess both underpinning knowledge and the practical application in key management skill areas. Click here for a free trial of some example assessment questions
  • Learning resources which include training materials, exercises, solutions, and a slide presentation, all of which can be used for self development or as part of a trainer led workshop
  • An easy to use administrative system allowing organisations to monitor the participants level and rate of competency improvement, and produce management reports
  • Discounts on leading management books, such as "Managing the Devolved Budget" and Finance for Non Financial Public Sector Managers all published by HB Publications
  • An email help desk which will respond to enquiries within 24 hours

The benefits of improving financial competency with the FCI System can be summarised as follows:
  • A cost effective way to develop skills and knowledge in finance, budgeting and other management areas
  • An objective measure of financial competency
  • An opportunity to tailor assessments to meet specific competency objectives
  • A tool to help meet the requirements of external audit and assessment bodies
  • A quick way of raising awareness of key financial issues such as fraud prevention, cost effective procurement, value for money
  • A chance to develop a financially competent staff group

The FCI System has been developed in conjunction with the HB Group of companies which comprises HB Publications and HB Consulting. The HB Group has been providing high quality training, publishing and consultancy services for over 20 years. To find out more about HB Group click here.

Financial Competency Assessments (FCAs)

Financial competency is a measurable skill required by anyone with financial responsibilities. FCAs provide a tool for objectively assessing the knowledge of a subject and the practical application of that subject.

    Each assessment includes:
  • An on-line questionnaire
  • Performance scoring
  • Individual assessment and training needs report
  • Management information on performance for the organisation (from the administration system)
    These can be used for:
  • Identifying individual and organisational training needs
  • Recruitment and selection, as an objective assessment tool of competence
  • Appraisals
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Setting standards for levels of financial competency required in each job role
  • Evaluating effectiveness of training (comparing competency scores before and after training)

Learning Resources

The FCI System learning resources include materials and exercises that facilitate the learning experience. If customers opt for bespoke assessments then tailored materials will be developed to meet their needs.

    Learning Resources include:
  • Subject matter notes and exercises for each competency assessment which can be used to increase the level of knowledge and ability
  • Suggested solutions to exercises
  • Self development activities
  • Power Point Slides for each competency assessment
  • The ability to download all of the above
    Can be used for:
  • In-house trainer led training courses
  • Resourcing self managed learning for each user as required
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Developing skills and abilities for staff and managers


Leading management titles are available at a discount to anyone purchasing the FCI System. These titles have been purchased by thousands of managers and continue to be extremely popular.

    These books can be used for:
  • Supporting in-house training programmes
  • Further reading before or after attending training
  • Resourcing self managed learning
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Developing skills and abilities for staff and managers

Email Help Desk

This has been designed to provide assistance to the administrator of the system when an organisation purchases the system for one or more of it's staff. Responses to the email help questions will be made within 24 hours.

Administration System

The FCI System can be purchased by individuals, organisations, and other training providers by way of annual subscription. There is a standard subscription package of 10 assessments in key topic areas listed above supported by learning resources. It is also possible to subscribe to one or more assessment area, or develop bespoke assessments. Organisations purchasing for several users have access to a simple to use administration system and hence can control their use of the system.

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Taking responsibility for a budget may be a new experience, but as a manager shouldn't it be part of the job?
Taking responsibility for
a budget may be a new
experience, but as a
manager shouldn't it be
part of the job?
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